It’s been awhile

It has been quite a while since I have posted -obviously- and wow has a lot happened in my life and the world. My last post was in July of last year which would suggest just how much could have happened since then.

I completed the Bridge program which went well. I enjoyed the program though it was a lot of work.The students did pretty well all completed classes with good grades and are still enrolled in their undergraduate institutions. One started the Black Student Union at her current institution which is pretty awesome.

Obviously there was a significant national election, the results of which were disappointing just about all around. Since then the world has gone kind of batty, lots of great big protests which have been great to see. Trump has issued numerous problematic and unethical executive orders -from an illegal ban on Muslim immigration and refugee entry, to removing protections for person with Trans- identities- and the GOP has largely continued in stride with their goals of cutting taxes on the wealthy and cutting services (healthcare, EPA, Education) and resources to the vulnerable.

I was turned down from the Higher Education Administration program at NC State University, after having done well in the summer class and getting to know the program coordinator it was a crushing letdown. This combined with numerous job rejections led me to get discouraged for a while, and nearly missing a tremendous opportunity. I had started but not completed an application to UNCG’s higher education administration program but having been within a few days off the deadline decided not to complete it. The program director reached out and asked me to complete the app, which I did.

This leads me to: I was accepted into the program at UNCG and will be enrolling for fall’17 and will work as a coordinator for residence life. I’m pretty excited about the opportunity, nervous too but I think if everything works out it can be great. My wife (much to her chagrin) and daughter will be moving and will live on campus with me. My daughter will hopefully attend Greensboro Day School while my wife commutes to work for the time being. I’ll update again later this week!


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