1 week in GSO

Wow, what a week. Starting Saturday, we began the real process of moving from CH to GSO. We picked up the Uhaul at 7am and were loading it by 730. From our apartment in CH with 4 storeys of outdoor steps leads to a physically brutal ~5hr move-out, definitely helped us realize we need to work on our fitness. An hour drive to GSO later and we were unloaded in less than three hours after some help from my friend/classmate and some handtrucks/elevators. I formally met my supervisor JL who seems pretty cool, and we got to see what has turned out to be a beautiful apartment. GSO seems pretty cool too, lots of stuff going on, places to go and places to eat. Really hard to beat that. The fam had a few days after to set up the apartment how we like and to unpack. Dot continued her writing camp and added her robotics camp, which she ended up really liking.

The main reason that we are in GSO however is for my job and my education. On Wednesday I had my first day of training for my HRL job at UNCG. So far the position seems like it will be challenging but very education and ultimately enriching. As an ACRL for Housing I will help run a residential hall help desk and administer a Living Learning Community (LLC) for transfer students, a population near and dear to my heart. This was followed two more full days of training on all sorts of topics ranging from programming for the residence hall group my hall fall’s in to developing a professional dev plan to departmental expectations.


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