In the few weeks since I last posted I have completed my first graduate course, and come up to the weekend before I begin the Upward Bound Summer Bridge program. I believe that my class went well, but am waiting on final grades. It was challenging in a five week course, but I managed to… Read More Time


I feel that bricks occupy am interesting dynamic in our imagination. Bricks are at the same time traditional and everlasting. The simple red brick is found in homes and communicates a feeling of permanence that would of vinyl often cannot. It is found in new construction and buildings that have stood for hundreds of years.… Read More Bricks

NCSU Graduate Student Drive-in Conference & Open House

I recently had the opportunity to attend NC State’s Graduate Student Drive-In Conference and Open House and it was a fantastic and enlightening event. The program was a joint effort between the College of Education and the Office of Graduate Student Support Services, although much of the information would have been useful to anyone looking… Read More NCSU Graduate Student Drive-in Conference & Open House